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Ops Advisory

Increase efficiencies.  Decrease costs.


Operational Challenges…

can be daunting, and the achievement of business objectives elusive:

  • Missed operational objectives
  • Frustrated stakeholders
  • Excessive cost burden
  • Lack of strategies to mitigate risks
  • Incomplete operational continuity plan
Precision Analytic Solutions helps life science companies overcome obstacles and meet growth goals while simultaneously respecting budgets.

Uncover Cost Efficiencies

Build-Out Capabilities

Optimize Resource Strategy

Overcome Obstacles

Precision Analytics Solutions helps you achieve operational objectives and increase levels of satisfaction among internal stakeholders by gaining their trust when costs are optimized.

Whether you are an established or emerging company, our offerings yield more than advice. We bring valuable benefits and resources honed from decades of experience.

Established Companies:

Health Check

  • Identify opportunities to save money through our Fiscal Analysis
  • Optimize operations with our Operational Assessment and Operational Improvement Plans
  • Ensure business and ongoing operations with our Business Continuity Plan

Emerging Companies:

  • Identify the Right Capabilities Build-out
  • Determine in-source vs. outsourcing of Functionality Planning
  • Compare costs, structure and timeline deployment against Industry Benchmarks

Real-World Tools and Approaches

With a deep background spanning domestic and global commercial operations including specialty pharma/oncology, medical diagnostics and med device, along with change management, we bring pragmatic tools to tackle your toughest challenges helping you map a pathway to success.  Our:

  • Health Check assesses key hot spots to get to the underlying problem
  • Diagnostic determines the root causes of challenge areas
  • Solutions-builder develops options and roadmaps for implementation

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