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Sales & Marketing Analytics

Identify markets based on MD & Patient insights


Business Growth Challenges…

can get in the way of sales target clarity and stall forward movement.  Some of the most common challenges businesses face are:

  • Abstract targets; no clear identification
  • Limited or obsolete forecast
  • Disconnection between corporate objectives and sales force
  • Lack of MD perspectives
  • Product focus at the expense of patient insights

Precision Analytic Solutions helps life science companies scope their focus, enhance goal alignment and cascade objectives into meaningful plans for their workforce. 

Marketing Research & Insights


Sales Force Deployment

Overcome Obstacles

Achieve the kind of market share envisioned by identifying sales targets based on in-depth market research. Close the gap between sales, marketing and market access. Pave the way for greater market penetration via the relay of timely data and direction.

  • Capture timely sales and marketing data that yields actionable insights
  • Ensure capture of MD perspectives on treatment preferences
  • Gather patient perceptions that influence your product positioning

Real-World Tools & Approaches

Our marketing research and sales services stem from hands-on experiences with an array of pharma/oncology, medical diagnostics and med device organizations. Our proven track record enables us to present and tailor sales and marketing information to move your company forward.

Specifically, we provide:

  • Key target identification based on product life-cycle stage
  • Forecasts that accurately project treatable patient populations and product uptake
  • Strategies for optimum sizing and deployment of sales teams
  • Customized call plan tactics for key targets at best possible frequencies

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